Jennifer Gonzales is a USAT Certified Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. She grew up playing team sports and then competing in karate through high school, but lost touch with fitness when she started college full time while working in healthcare. Her triathlon story starts in 2010. Late 2010, Jennifer randomly signed up for a half marathon with a friend as a bucket list thing. She was overweight, depressed, and needed a sport to get her back on track. While training, she met people who were training for an Ironman triathlon. She didn't know what all that entailed, but she decided she was going to do one.

In 2012 she finished her first Ironman in Arizona. Triathlon sport feeds her competitive nature, and creates a feeling of achievement like no other sport. She enjoys helping others achieve their goals and dreams. She coaches a spectrum of athletes from beginners training for their first triathlon to advanced athletes looking to get stronger and faster.