” I began working with Coach Jen at a time when I was very unhappy with my racing performance. After three months of hearing and seeing her coach some acquaintances in running and riding groups I made a decision to also higher her to help me with nutrition and long course training. Within 3 months I saw results I knew I had the potential of doing. My performance started exceeding my wildest dreams I truly regained my LOVE of training and racing. I cannot thank her enough for how she changed my life!”


“Being a new athlete to triathlon (2016) and competing in two race that year with less success than desired. The follow season I decided to seek out a Tri-coach, meeting Coach Jen for the first time I knew my training/racing would see improvements. It’s been a great experience being coached by Coach Jen, she truly wants the best for her athletes!”


I am new to endurance sports and after trying to train myself for a bit I hired Coach Jen and saw immediate results. She has been instrumental in helping me go from being a complete non-athlete to finishing my first half Ironman and feeling strong doing it! The value of smart, structured workouts, regular communication and being held accountable cannot be over stated. She has been invaluable in making me a stronger swimmer, cyclist and runner! She has helped with nutrition and fueling, strength and endurance, as well as recovery. Probably most important of all she has helped me to find efficient ways to put in the required training while still balancing a busy work and family life! There is no way I would be where I am today without her coaching and support!